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Welcome to LEND

A cross-chain lending protocol with real yield value extraction, from protocol, to holder.

👋Greetings future Lenders! So what is LEND?

LEND is a seamless cross-chain DeFi lending protocol powered by Multichain & anyCall. To showcase the key selling points of our cross-chain DeFi lending protocol we have created a promotional video that highlights the platform’s unique features and benefits. Immerse yourself in the LEND Finance experience by watching the video below:
LEND makes it possible to instantly access liquidity cross-chain in a single click with our seamless platform. With $LEND tokens we will finally extracting real yield for our users and creating a DeFi revolution.
LEND helps you to unlock more out of your crypto assets in DeFi in 3 ways: LENDING, Borrowing & Earning Protocol Revenue.


Supply your supported assets to the protocol to earn competitively high interest rates.

Earn Tokens by Supplying Your Assets

Lend supported assets to the protocol, earn free tokens. It’s literally that easy. Users supplying assets will always earn competitive interest rates for lending their tokens. It's never been easier to earn in DeFi!
You can think of the LEND operates like a decentralized bank. You can supply assets and earn interest from the protocol. Similar to how traditional institutions lending out funds and reward interest. The difference between LEND and the traditional finance scene is, the decentralized nature of the protocol. The lack of a centralized entity that means all revenue generated can be fairly split amongst everyone holding $LEND.


When a user supplies assets, they will receive a tTokenized version of the asset. For example supply $USDC and you'll receive $tUSDC. Using these you are able to start earning interest as your tTokens are used to create borrow balances by other users on the protocol. When supplying tTokens the underlying amount of tTokens will increase in value over time -> Like a crypto savings account! Ttokens are required when allocating collateral to create a borrow balance. To everything about tTokens make sure you read the dedicated section here!

Low fees

LEND at launch will be available on BNB Chain, Ethereum and Polygon, along with preparation for implementation and launch on the exciting new Aptos ecosystem. Our platform fees will also always be lower than other top decentralized lending platforms too.

You're in Control

You can access our platform directly from your wallet app. LEND doesn’t directly hold your funds when you use the platform: you will always have 100% ownership of your own crypto

📚 Learn More!

Use the following section to learn about the in-depth ins and outs of how LENDING works below:


Use your supported crypto assets as collateral to get a crypto loan.

Low Borrow Rates

Provide collateral and borrow against your supported assets cross-chain to get competitively low borrowing rates. Using our clear platform its never been clearer to understand what fees you'll need to pay - luckily we'll always endeavour to keep these competitive to the market.

Over Collateralization

LEND requires all loans be over collateralized, this encourages a safer environment for all parties involved. LENDERS have less counter-party risk and BORROWERS are at much less risk of Liquidation.

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Use the following section to learn about the in-depth ins and outs of how borrowing works below:


LEND is the first lending protocol on BNB Chain, Ethereum and Polygon to share revenue fees generated by the platform directly back to $LEND token holders.

Earn a Share of Protocol Revenue !

LEND is reshaping the DeFi landscape with a new revenue sharing model. LEND rewards users with real yield by extracting and sharing the actual revenue generated by the protocol and distributing straight back to the $LEND holders.
All users earn $LEND! As the protocol requires over collateralization to unlock loans, both Lenders & Borrowers receive $LEND from their interactions with the platform.
Users from around the globe will soon be able to earn ‘real yield’ and passive income seamlessly with the LEND protocol.

📚 Discover $LEND tokens!

Use the following section to discover how users from around the globe will soon be able to use $LEND earn ‘real yield’ and passive income seamlessly with the LEND protocol. :
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